The Yard

Nathanaël Mallard
SV Balachander

Ultramarine was founded by Lionel Mallard, who started building boats in 1975. In 1992, he left France with his family for circumnavigating six years aboard a schooner he built, a Shpountz 38/40. In 1997, his journey ended in Puducherry, where he started Ultramarine boatyard.

Surrounded by boat plans and resin since his earliest childhood, Nathanaël Mallard, Lionel’s son, took on the yard’s executive management in 2014. He sailed with his father between the age of seven and 15. Naval construction and sailing became a second nature to Nathanaël. He is passionate about sailing and developed a wide range of skills since childhood. Since his arrival at Ultramarine, he has spread his enthusiasm and energy to all aspects of boat building at Ultramarine.

In 2016, S.V. (Bala) Balachander joined the Ultramarine team as a Director. Bala has a decade of sailing experience from dinghies to pleasure yachts. A sporting activity for his children turned him passionate towards sailing and eventually led him to venture into boat building. Bala was bought into Ultramarine in 2016 and since then, he has managed the yard along with Nathanaël. Prior to joining Ultramarine, Bala had experience in selling Optimist and 9er class of boats in addition to selling clothing, ropes and other sailing products.

The team is composed of skilled naval architects, carpenters, cabinetmakers, and painters who have been trained to achieve the level of perfection required by the international market. The team members have a perfect mastery of the art of wood-epoxy. Boats shipped to Europe have been noted for the quality of their workmanship and attention to details. The company is equipped with all the necessary tools to build world class boats.


  • Foam/balsa sandwich infusion
  • Plywood epoxy
  • Strip planking
  • Cold molded
  • Vinylester/Polyester infusion
  • Laminated wood