Gaff yawl

Designed by D.Z. Bombigher

A tribute to Joshua Slocum


In the logical evolution of his art, Daniel Bombigher, already quoted on our website for a series of Shpountz, extended his repertoire with this design. He drew a new line, lighter, with more ballast, faster and more comfortable, while remaining faithful to his original ambition: harmony inside and out with the sea environment. The Spray is something Joshua Slocum could have only dreamed of...



Specifications of the Spray Dream


Gaff yawl
10.70 m on deck
3.35 m master beam
1.50 m draught
113 m² sail area
Displacement: 6.5 T


Our yard has built two Spray


The first one, Solaris, sent by cargo to Australia is now sailing in Sydney harbour, and is waiting for the Austral summer for more ambitious navigations.

  • SOL1
  • SOL10
  • SOL11
  • SOL12
  • SOL13
  • SOL14
  • SOL15
  • SOL2
  • SOL3
  • SOL4

Kass Dei II

The Kass Dei II's construction is presently in progress. She will be finished at the beginning of 2015 by Ultramarine and shipped to South Asia.


Comments from the Owner of Solaris on reception of the boat

"The guy of the insurance company came to make his report and found no fault, even more, he was impressed. When the guy of the marina took me in his speedboat to see the Solaris buoy for the first time, I exclaimed "She's not bad After All ! " His answer : . . " yeah, she's probably one of the best in the harbor ". In a port that receives 21,000 boats, it really is a compliment."

His comment after the first test

Hello Lionel, We only had four hours of wind, 1-2 Beaufort but here are my first impressions :

Firstly, the rigging is very easy to use : up / down sail is easier than on a modern sailboat, and there is no need for winches The autovirant jib works perfectly. The combination of inclined mast and stiffness communicated to the mainsail by the gaffe ensures that the boom moves slowly . As the angle between the boom and the mast is lower at 90 degrees, the boom goes away from the boat, which absorbs sufficient energy to significantly slow down the violence of the jibe.

Then, the shape of the hull ( Heart ) that the boat very little cottage, and very slowly. Great for the family. In addition, it allows for a wider bridge to equal size, there's two times more space in comparison to a Beneteau or Hunter.

As the keel is very long, the boat tacks by slowly - with very little wind (like less than 5 knots ), I go to the front and push the jib against, otherwise it takes forever to turn.

The boat is of course slower to start in comparison to a modern Marconi, but it begins to show its character with a 2 Beaufort wind - and there, big surprise : long keel Steering wheel + + + fractional rigging little cottage = set your sails the desired course and when it behaves as you want, down to a cafe. This boat generates almost no fatigue helmsman , and is only slightly slower than the production sailboats around us (and again, it was not just a yankee jib and 2). Finally, it does not go brilliantly wind : above 35 degrees , it slows down significantly and 25 degrees, which is the limit of performance suitable for a marconi it drift faster than it beforehand.

But it is ultimately a small price to pay for all these benefits. I have to leave some time but hope to test it in strong winds in a month or two, and would keep you informed. It also requires that I rigged the Yankee because I thought it would be easier to learn to handle it without being clutter.



Spray Dream

  • 1-SOL6
  • 2-SOL8
  • 3-SOL3
  • 4-SOL4
  • 5-SOL11
  • 6-SOL13
  • 7-SOL14
  • 8-SOL15
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