A line of boats designed for long cruises


Designed by Daniel .Z. Bombigher.

Maximum comfort for marine life

shpountz-38-40-302x202While creating the “Shpountz” series, Daniel Z. Bombigher imagined boats especially designed for high ocean sailings.

Their design provides maximum comfort for marine life : space, stability, strength and maneuverability.

For the record , “Shpountz” comes from an old gypsy word meaning the “ village idiot”, the dreamer, the one who communicates with the elements, plants and animals better than with humans.


Specifications of the Shpountz 38/40


Gaff schooner
13 meters length on deck
16 meters LOA
4 meters master Beam
1.50 M Draught
130m ² sails area
17 Tons Full load


An incomparable comfort at the sea as well as at the mooring

shpountz-38-40-202x302Our history with Daniel Bombigher's " Shpountzs " began in the office of the latter, more than thirty years ago, when we bought from him the plans for our 38/40.

This wonderful boat gave us and our children a fabulous tropical sailing experience during six years.

Don't think that this type of rig is complex or difficult to handle ! It is even easier than modern sailboats. And moreover, it provides an incomparable comfort at the sea as well as at the mooring.

Our Shpountz 38/40 was also for us the completion of our experience as amateur boatbuilders.

After such a construction project, we could proceed to the next step, the professional boatbuilding. We have now built eleven boats of all sizes designed by Daniel Z.Bombigher, from the Mediterranean 6.50m “Pointu” to 17m Overall Merry Dream.


Shpountz 38/40

  • 1-etrave shpountz maalech
  • 2-pont Shpountz
  • 3-Shpountz au mouillage
  • 4-Shpountz sous voiles 2
  • 5-spountz-sous-voile
  • 6-Plan Shpountz complet
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