The heritage of Mediterranean fisheries


Designed by D.Z. Bombigher.

Provencal boat with latin rigging

Photographie d'un pointu, barque provençale a gréement latinThe “Pointu” is a traditional fishing boat of the Mediterranean Sea. Alpes Maritimes as the sharp. In the same family of Latin rigged sailing boats we can also find the “Tartane” (we also built one), the Catalan boat , the boats from North Africa, Malta, Greece, the Genoese felucca boats. The name “Pointu”, which means “sharp”, comes probably from their tapered shape at both ends.

The intention of the architect is here to save the maritime heritage of the beautiful Mediterranean Latin rigs . But of course with the today techniques: wood epoxy , with its qualities of lightness , strength , durability and minimum maintenance .


LOA 6m 7,10m 8,20 m
Width 1,65m 1,95m 2,25 m
Draft 0,35/0,85m 0,40/100m 0,45/1,15m
Displacement 1,2 t 1,5 t 1.89 t
Sails area 25m² 30m² 35m²


Six “Pointus” have been built in our boatyard, then sent to a boatyard based in the French Riviera which distributes them. The “Pointus”are excellent dayboats for sailing, fishing, swimming , and why not , participation in traditional regatta . All of them are now sailing in the Bay of Saint-Tropez for the great pleasure of their owners.

The owner of the shipyard for whom we were building the “Pointus” fell in love with these boats and finished asking the architect to draw a 12 meters Tartane for himself. Of course, he mandated us to build her...


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