Spray Dream

spray-dream-1-160x120In the logical evolution of his art, Daniel Bombigher, already quoted on our website for a series of Shpountz, extended his repertoire with this design. He drew a new line, lighter, with more ballast, faster and more comfortable...

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alerion-160x120This delicious Alerion has been designed by Nathanael Herreshoff for his own use a hundred years ago. She has been redesigned by the architect Mac Naughton for a strip planking construction.

Strip planking construction : Alérion


Photographie de la Tartane réalisée par UltramarineTout comme ses frères les pointus, la tartane est un bateau à voile caractéristique de la Méditerranée. Son nom aurait pour origine le mot arabe "taridah" signifiant « vaisseau »...

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