A deep-sea Boat

Designed by Sylvestre Langevin.

Specifications of the Flot 44

Length overall: 13,50 m Length at waterline: 12.85 m
Maximum beam: 4.30 m Franc bord AV : 1,50 m
Draft: 2.50 m Displacement: 9 T
Ballast: 3.3 T Engine: 50 to 80 hp
Sail area: 116 m² Height of mast: 17.4 m


Modern offshore boats built by Ultramarine - Flot 44Modern offshore boats are now an important part of our business. The number of products available on the market is over abundant. But many customers have notified to us the desire for something else, different from a production boat, perfectly suited to their specifications and their aesthetic choices.

On the Flot 44 the efforts of the rigging as well as the ballast, are caught by complete frames, (ie deckbeams and frames in one piece). This proves that we can also build an extremely solid structure in epoxy wood.



Flot 44

  • 1-Flot 44
  • 2-Flot44
  • 3-Flot 44
  • 4-Flot 44
  • 5-interieur Flot 44
  • 6-interieur Flot 44
  • 7-interieur Flot 44
  • 8-interieur Flot 44
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