Very well suited to Indian cruising


The ECO 7.5 has been designed by Bernt Kohler.

Specifications of the ECO 7.5

eco75-plan-302x202Length Overall: 7.75 m
Length at waterline: 7.50 m
Maximum beam: 4.50 m
Draft: 0,30 / 1,30 m
Displacement: 750Kg
Engine: 10 hp
Sail area: 28.60 m²

Sailing boat, a childhood dream

The Indian customer, from Bombay, came to meet us a few years ago, during a business trip to Madras. That day, he recalled one of his childhood dreams: sailing around his country on his own sailing boat.

Some time later, he enquired about the construction of a 27' monohull.

The boat looked attractive, but with her 1,6 meters draft, badly adapted to Indian cruising. In fact, there is no marina, commercial ports are unaffordable and fishing harbours not really welcoming. But India is full of shallow estuaries that provide safe moorings. This is why the Eco 750 , designed by Bernt Kohler appeared perfectly suitable with her 30 cm draft.


Eco 7.5

  • 01-First trial
  • 02-First trial
  • 03-First trial Pondy harbour
  • 04-first trial
  • 05-Eco 7.5 interior
  • 06-Eco 7.5 interior
  • 07-Eco 7.5 interior
  • 08-Eco 7.5 interior
  • 09-Eco 7.5 detail
  • 10-Eco 7.5 detail
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