Fun & Speed


The DUO 800 has been designed by Bernard Kohle.

Specifications of the DUO 800

duo-800-dessin-302x202Length Overall: 8 m
Length at waterline: 8 m
Maximum beam: 4.25 m
Draught: 0.6 m
Displacement: 550 Kg
Sail area: 34.6 m²


duo-800-202x302This Western customer, a resident in India, wanted to have fun, speed, and the possibility to sail along the coast, on occasions; so a minimum of interior furnishings were required.

The DUO 800 designed by Bernard Kohler, with its parallel sails and only 20 cm draft with the possibility of beaching, was perfectly fitting the program.

It is built in plywood/epoxy, which is also one of our specialities.








  • 1-DUO
  • 2-DUO
  • 3-DUO
  • 4-DUO
  • 5-DUO
  • 6-DUO
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