A fast catamaran. for sportfishing

Designed by Ken Hankinson.

Specifications of the Wildcat-E-X-T-Cuddy

Longueur Hors Tout : 9,10 m Bau maximum : 3 m
Tirant d'eau : 0.4 m Déplacement : 3 T
Motorisation : 150 a 400 cv Reservoir carburant : 450 L


Adjustments made to the catamaran

Wildcat-Cuddy-302x202The owner of Surmai Fishing, a center for sportsfishing in Andaman islands, wanted to expand its fleet with a fast catamaran. Starting from a 26' hull designed by Ken Hankinson, we increased it to 30', and built the boat according to all his specific requirements, with a lookout platform, a vast cockpit, an ice box with more than one cubic meter volume,cooler more than one cubic meter tanks and additional tanks in order to increase the autonomy of the two 200 HP engines.



  • 1-Surmai
  • 1-delphiniere
  • 2-Surmai
  • 3-cockpit rasant
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