A custom built a 41' catamaran like a true cruising boat

Designed by Sylvestre Langevin.

Specifications of Turbocat

Length overall:  43' Length at waterline: 41'
Maximum width: - Draught: 3'
Average spedd 17 knots : Engine Power: 2x200 hp


A catamaran for diving and sportsfishing.

Turbocat-302-202-cockpitThese customers have two passions: diving and sportsfishing. They wanted a comfortable and independent platform, with enough space to host friends on occasion.

Production-made catamarans available on the market were far from their requirements and appeared to them as being closer to caravans than to nice cruising boats in terms of interiors. We asked them to contact Sylvestre Langevin, as we had already worked with this architect on the Flot 44.

Together, they designed their dream, and we gave life to it.

"Mariposa" is now sailing across the Mediterranean Sea with her happy owners.



  • 01-Turbocat
  • 02-Turbocat
  • 03-Turbocat
  • 04-Turbocat
  • 05-Turbocat
  • 06-Turbocat
  • 07-Turbocat
  • 08-Turbocat
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