From Pondy to Pondy.


We launched Naareï, our Carolina Angler designed by Ken Hankinson, on the 16th of february 2016.

A cradle was welded onto the truck and the boat very carefully installed onto the metallic frame.

Precision is mandatory, and the work had to be handled till late in the night to be ready at dawn. It was important to avoid the early traffic of the day with such a consignment, even though we only had a few miles to drive.

The fishermen were already back from the sea when we arrived, and Naareï was launched before 9 am. She directly joined her working place to receive final settings before the big start : engine plugins and installation of the steering system.

With her 250hp engine, Naareï in performing up to 32 nautical knots, confirms her confort and stability, even with a big sea, so ideal to welcome unexperienced passengers, and above all, remains elegant.

Naareï is now cruising along Puducherry's coast and can be seen, and tried, at Pondy Nautic.



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Carolina Angler

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