What interest can I get in having my boat built in India ?

A boat built in India will be much cheaper than the same boat built in your country. Approximately one third of the price if the building technique is labour-intensive (mainly classic designs like Merry-Dream , Pointus or J class).

Approximately 40% cheaper for modern boats which require more sophisticated high-tech products.

Generally speaking, you can get from us a one-off boat at a cheaper rate than you would get a production boat in your country.

Building a boat is a big deal, how can I be sure about the reliability of the Cie ?

Our Company is registered in India as a Private Limited Co. and is about to get ISO certification. 

We follow a very precise protocol with our customers ; an international agreement will be signed by the two parties at the beginning of the construction, including proprietorship clause : at any moment of the construction, the boat is the property of the boat owner pro rata the payment already done.

Payment is usually done by swift transfer on the company bank account. 

Please consult us for full details. 

If I order from abroad, how will my boat be delivered to my country ?

Most boats we build will be ready to sail away directly from Pondicherry.

If you want to receive your boat directly in your country, it will be shipped ; in this case, you will get a quotation on how much the freight will cost.

Can I be sure about the quality of the high-tech products ?

We can find in India the best raw materials. South India is well known for its timber wealth (Red Cedar, Mahogany, Teak…)

We use first quality stainless steel - 316 L.

For epoxy resins and paints, we use foreign brands, produced in India under foreign licence (Araldite, MRF, International…)

If I sail directly from Pondicherry, how can I have my boat fully equiped ?

In case of a finished boat, all high-tech products shall be imported. You can place directly the order with the foreign suppliers and negociate with them the prices. We install all the equipements of your choice.

Your boat will have the same equipment as if she was built in your country.

What about taxes and import duties ?

Every country has different laws and regulations; your taxes will depend on the flag you will chose. You will have to ask your local custom agent about that.

How can I be assured that my boat will be built with utmost care ?

Ultramarine Boatbuilders Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Lionel Mallard, an experienced boatbuilder and sailor himself. Since 2014, the technical direction is in the hands of Nathanael Mallard, his son. 

The team of carpenters has received a precise training about how to build wood-epoxy boats, how to use the lastest technologies for composite materials and our constructions reach the highest standard of quality. Nathanael has full time attendance on the yard.

All products are controlled by him during the construction and finishing process.

I didn't find the boat of my dreams on your site.

No wonder!

We don't sell boats, we build Your Boat!

That means we don't consider boats as products for customers. Our goal is to produce yachts for individuals: "the owner's yacht".

This flexibility is quite possible in our company as we use wood-epoxy as a material.

If you already have a precise idea of the specifications of your boat, if you know a designer and have chosen a plan, we'll be able to send you an estimate.

If you are not sure about the boat required for your program, we'll be able to advise you and guide you to the designer who will be the most able to draw the boat of your dreams or already has her in his stock plans.

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