Ultramarine : the company

Ultramarine Boatbuilders Pvt. Ltd. is a French managed joint venture between European and Indian shareholders. The company is established in Pondicherry, on the south-east coast of India. The place has a hot and reasonably dry climate, and is fairly protected from the south-west monsoon that beats down on the rest of India every summer.

A story of sailor ...

Photography of Lionel Mallard building his firts wooden boat MaalechThe founder, Lionel Mallard, started sailing in 1965 and started building boats in 1975. For the past 20 years, he shared his time between these two activities. He has been cruising single handed as well as crewed, coastal and offshore, racing and cruising. In 1992, he left France with his family for 5-years circumnavigation aboard his own schooner, a Shpountz 38/40. His experience as a sailor is essential to advise customers, help them to have a clear idea of their program and solve all problems a boat builder has to face to complete the best boat. Since 1997, he has been settled in India, and follow the different project of the compagny with his precious expertise.

From january 2014 onwards, the yard is under the technical direction of Nathanaël Mallard, secund son of Lionel. Surrounded by carpentry designs and epoxy resin since his earliest childhood, he is then citizen of the seas between the ages of 7 and 15 years old. Obviously, naval construction and sailing became like a secund nature for him. Passionnate of sailing like his father and comfortable on the field, Nathanaël has developped a large range of skills all along his professionnal experiences which make him an inexhaustible resource for the compagny. Since his arrival in january 2014, he spreads his overflowing energy all over the dynamic and the processes of the yard. By his side, and most of all behind her computer, his wife, pilote of the home-made communication and spreadsheets.

The team

Hull sanding of a wooden epoxy boatThe team is composed of skilled Tamil carpenters, cabinetmakers, and painters who have been trained to achieve the level of perfection required by the international market. They have a perfect mastery of the art of wood-epoxy.

Boats shipped to Europe have been noted for the quality of their finishings. The company is equipped with all the necessary tools to the most perfect realization. Alongside our technical team, the administrative team manages imports of equipment and can help you with specific steps if needed.

Why India?

Puducherry's harbourThe Southern coast of India has a long maritime tradition. For centuries, they have been building the huge teak dows that used to carry goods all across Indian Ocean, along the Spice road, and to Far east, along the silk road.

All necessary materials are available for wood-epoxy construction.

Last argument and not the least : the price of raw materials and the production costs are very reasonable and allow us to offer interesting prices while keeping a company policy showing respect and consideration for its workers.


A sailor's story

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  • spountz au mouillage
  • spountz-et-pointu-cochin
  • spountz-sous-voile

The team

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